It’s never too late to change your life!

Pledging at 20

There are 2 sorts of human beings. Some enjoy what they have and their only wish is for their life stay as it is. Others want more: they don’t like routine and want to have a rich life, full of meetings, events, and new situations.

I am part of the second group.

I have always felt a sort of emergency to live, because since my childhood, I was fully aware that death can come and take you at any time, by surprise. I was scared to imagine that I could have wasted my time of life, or that I had been unable to live a real life full of joy, love, and happiness.

But at the same time, I was paralyzed by fears. My first fear was to displease my parents, and my second was the fear of the world itself and its dangers, which can also be called fear of the unknown.

It takes a long time to really become an adult, free to make one’s own choices and able to clearly determine what could be the best for oneself.

One such choice can be a change in one’s personal life, professional life, or simply a change of location.

The process is quite similar. It happens when 3 factors are gathered:

First, you have arrived at a point of your life where you are not excited by or have no passion for your way of living.

Second, you really want to do something about your situation and make changes that will bring you what you are missing.

Third, and most importantly, YOU ARE NO LONGER AFRAID of the future.

No more fear about losing your job, your routines, or your life companion…Suddenly, you realize that you are ready, READY FOR A NEW LIFE!

And it is so wonderful to have a SECOND CHANCE TO BE HAPPY!

Maturity allows us an interesting thought process about what we have done with our lives and what we would like to do during our coming years, based on our values, actual interests, and tastes.

I began my professional life as a lawyer in France, when I was 20 years old.

Pledging at 20               Pledging at 20

Taking the pledge to become the youngest practicing attorney in France at 20 years old.

Recipient of an Award for being “the youngest lawyer in France,” I was completely unaware of my own youth, when I advised or assisted people who could have been my parents! One of my first clients gave me a very important file to deal with, and explained that my passion for justice was more important than my young age.

Indeed, for 34 years I dedicated all my energy to this field and developed a high expertise to help people I considered as victims, and to protect children during their parents’ separation.

But after some terrible human cases, where I was unable to obtain decisions, I gradually became exhausted and desperate. I decided to accept a proposal to collaborate on writing a scientific book about Joint Custody, and then to stop my law career.

For one year, I prepared everything for a brand new life in the USA, which was the country my daughter and I had always dreamed about.

Instead of welcoming anxious or depressed clients to my office who came to see me for support and as a confidante, I chose to start a new business that brings joy to me and to my customers.

You know that choosing a gift can be even more joyful than receiving one!

I enjoy sharing again the confidence from my customers, when they explain who will be the recipient of the gift they are searching for, and I enjoy giving them advice and helping them find “The Perfect Gift”!

I made a selection of beautiful and high quality products from France, and it is my great pleasure to share stories and informations about them with my fellow human beings.

Since the opening of the brick and mortar store and the launch of the online store in September 2013, this is my second and new life.

And guess what?

I am 55 and I am again FULL OF PASSION for my job!

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