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France has always occupied the first place in luxury.

In the world of fashion, although international competition now exists and has increased over the years, the Paris runway shows are still the most prestigious Haute Couture events worldwide.

Léonard Paris Runway Show

Léonard Paris Runway Show

Leonard Silk Square Scarf

Leonard Silk Square Scarf

As for fragrance, perfumes created by fabulous “noses” from Grasse in the South of France, are still considered as the best in the world.

Fragonard Parfumeur

Fragonard Parfumeur

Champagne, crystal, cosmetics, tableware, gastronomy, decoration and design…of course, you and I could easily find many other examples to illustrate the dominance of France over the luxury market.

Cristallerie de Montbronn display at the Paris 2015 home show

Cristallerie de Montbronn – Paris 2015 home show

A long tradition of artistry and craftsmanship partly explains this phenomenon, but also the amazing ability of French companies to innovate and produce stunning masterpieces.

What I would like to insist upon here is the positive perception that American people have for all French products, even if they’re not part of the Luxe industry.

Since my recent arrival in the US over a year ago, I’ve discovered to my great surprise, through the repeated comments of my customers, that the attraction of American people for French things can be extended to all products that are related to France in any way.

Using expressions such as “French Touch”, “French Accents”, “French Style” is always an extraordinary powerful marketing tools to sell products, even if they are made in China!

French is trendy, for sure!

I’ve also noticed that for most people, the word “French” evokes charm, romanticism, good taste and refinement.

I am not sure that French people are aware of the good general reputation their products have overseas!

Based on my own experience, I’ve learned from several customers in my boutique that they were “unable to find elegant table linens in the US” and had to buy them in France while traveling there.

For this reason, I decided that YOUR FRENCH GIFT should increase its French table linen imports.

Beauvillé "Arne" Tablecloth

Beauvillé “Arne” Screen-Printed Tablecloth

Garnier Thiebault, Beauvillé, and Toselli, renowned French brands each with their own style and manufacturing technique, continue to create new table linen collections twice a year!

And I am proud to say that their authentic French products are refined, full of charm, and unique!

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