Why am I here?

photo of Isabelle B.

I am French and I’ve dreamed all my life about the US!

As a child, I felt grateful for the young American guys who brought freedom to my country during World War II, even though it happened before I was born.
Of course I’m not naïve, and I understand that all governments aren’t perfect, sometimes with terrible consequences, but don’t worry, this blog will not contain any comments on politics.
I just want to explain that the roots of my admiration for the US are deep in my mind and in my heart.
Another reason is that during the 20th century, the United States became the most innovative country in so many fields including science, medicine, movies, etc.
And of course, the attraction for the American way of life depicted in films and TV series, the exceptional landscapes added to the feeling that overseas “everything is possible” contribute to the fact that I never abandoned the thought that I could be happier in this land.
I recognize that I’m part of the thousands and thousands of people who still want to live “the American dream.”
Since my arrival in New England last July, I’ve noticed that most American people I meet are truly surprised by my decision. They explain that they dream about France…
Isn’t it funny?
Do all human beings need to dream of another place where they believes they could be happier?
Even if I knew that Paris is an extraordinary experience for tourists to visit, I must admit that I didn’t imagine how many Americans dream about and really love France.
Now I am sure that the creation of “Your French Gift LLC” makes complete sense, and can bring joy to many people.
This is why I am here!

Isabelle B.

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