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When I began my selection of manufacturers for Your French Gift, I didn’t know what EPV was.

My idea was simply to search products that I considered as beautiful and to check their quality before importing them to the US.

I started the process by visiting an amazing trade fair in Paris which gathers twice a year collections of new items for home and decor, animated by hundreds of vendors from all over of the world.

As each day went by, I became aware that I was only attracted by authentic products that seemed unique and precious.

Then I discovered that most of the brands I loved had received the prestigious stamp of EPV: “Entreprise du Patrimoine Vivant”, which means “Living Heritage Company.”

Entreprise du Patrimoine Vivan

This prestigious recognition created by the French Government in March 2007 is awarded to selected French companies for their outstanding know-how and innovation, recognizing them as part of the national French heritage.

Holders of the Entreprise du Patrimoine Vivant (EPV) label have the following characteristics:

– they own specific economic heritage resulting from their production experience,

– they put into practice rare skills that draw on a mastery of traditional or technically advanced techniques,

– and they have ties with a particular region.

(For further details, go to: http://www.patrimoine-vivant.com/en)

It is my belief that EPV companies are emblematic of French excellence and of a special “savoir faire” showcasing the reputation of France in the world in terms of elegance and refinement.

This is why I was seduced by:

…The exceptional designs of the satin tablecloths by BEAUVILLÉ, created using traditional silk screen printing techniques, one color after another

Beauvillé hand-painted designs

…The incomparable beauty of the cutlery by FORGE DE LAGUIOLE, employing art masters for hand-carved knives and accessories

Master craftmanship at Forge de Laguiole

…The extraordinary faience creations of EMAUX DE LONGWY, based on sophisticated ancient techniques for earthenware cloisonné enamel.

hand-enameling cloisonné technique

I also admire the capacity of these companies to use their extraordinary creative expertise.

While keeping with their tradition of high quality handcrafts, they do not live in the past!

Quite the opposite. Their policy is in fact to utilize their tradition of craftsmanship to develop new products and collections, in other words to look towards the future.

They demonstrate it by asking contemporary designers to create new patterns, designs and trends.

For these reasons, I am extremely proud of promoting these EPV brands in the United States.

Some among them, GIEN Tableware, GARNIER THIEBAUT Linens, or FRAGONARD Perfumes, are already well known in the US.

But I hope you’ll also enjoy discovering:

CRISTALLERIE DE MONTBRONN for their extraordinary crystals and drinkware,

Adagio collection

ART DE LYS, who specialize in tapestries and magnificent pillow covers, pouches, and throws,

technique de tissage

MICHELLE WILSON for her hand-carved wood puzzles reproducing art masterpieces, unique in the world!

handcut wood puzzle

I welcome your comments and your support, so that I can help you discover even more EPV companies and products!

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