French wines are the best!

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France is among the three world’s most important wine-producing countries.

It is also the home of prestigious Bordeaux, Burgundy and Champagne wines.

The variety of French vineyards is absolutely amazing, because of the country’s wide range of climates and soil types.

French vineyard means 3240 different wines and 450 Appelations, protecting the names of French wines and guaranteeing the quality and provenance of the products themselves.

vignoble francais

Red, white or rosé, sweet, dry or sparkling: France is a paradise for wine lovers.

In each part of France, wine roads are an excellent way to discover the beauty of vineyard landscapes and to taste delicious “ vins de pays”.

Wine is definitely part of French heritage and also participates to “ French Art de Vivre”.

For centuries, French people enjoy wines. You cannot imagine a good meal in France, without a “bonne bouteille”.

Eating cheese without wine is impossible.

Although you can be fond of some other bubbles beverages, Champagne is the best way to celebrate events, all over the world.

So let me tell you something: As a French woman, I have no doubt: French wines are the best!

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